Management System Failures


Management system failures. Refer to the Process Safety Progress (Dec. 2004) and U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board study of industrial accidents caused by management system failures, Exercise 2.6 (p. 39).

The table below (saved in the MSFAIL file) gives a breakdown of the root causes of a sample of 83 incidents. Are there significant differences in the percentage of incidents in the four cause categories? Test using a = .05.
Management System Cause Number of Incidents

Engineering & Design 27

Procedures & Practices 24

Management & Oversight 22

Training & Communication 10

Total 83


Proportions are used in many professions as well as at home. An example of this might be a cement mixing company, they must use the correct proportion of ingredients or the cement will not be at the correct strength. What may be some other examples of where we can find ratios and proportions in real life?

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