Management Review Committee


– Cost

– Method of training delivery

– Staff needed 

– Critical Success Indicators (CSIs)

– Roadmap for rolling out the program

Case Study #6 – Misbehavior on the Floor – Bad Bunnies 

Green Bunny (GB) is a local ice cream manufacturer that has built a reputation as a producer of great-tasting ice cream. Its flavor combinations are very popular and its reputation has been growing beyond Arizona. Because of this success, GB has been building new factories and hiring employees at a very rapid pace without a lot of screening or thorough interviewing.

The personnel in these factories is about 65% male and 35% female and the GB’s executive staff is extremely concerned about sexual harassment allegations they’re starting to hear from some of these newer factories. GB’s legal advisor recently gave the executive staff an extensive presentation on this topic and highlighted a recent multi-million dollar harassment lawsuit won by female employees at a similar company. This presentation also highlighted the fact that managers of people accused of harassment can also be sued as individuals making everyone even more nervous.

Although there have been no formal harassment complaints made yet, the factory HR managers are reporting lots of “informal” reports from female employee on inappropriate behavior and other problems with some of the male employees in the factories. Many managers of the employees, when interviewed, say that that they are indeed aware of this problem but dismiss it with comments like “boys will be boys” or “they were only joking”.

GB’s executive staff is very worried about this issue and wants an immediate rollout of a Harassment Avoidance training program. After an extensive search for the right person, you have been chosen as the new Corporate Training and People Development Manager for the corporation, reporting into the VP of Human Resources. 

Your first assignment is to put in place a Harassment Avoidance training program in place within the next two months. You will need to present your plan to the executive staff in two weeks. The staff is expecting to see the following in your plan:

GB has three factories in AZ. All of them are in the metro Phoenix area. Each factory has about 450 employees. They work in two shifts; Shift 1 from 6AM to 3:00PM and Shift 2 from 4:00PM to 12¬:00AM

Employees on the factory floor do not have access to PCs but most of them have reported that they have PCs at home.

You will need to present your strategy proposal to a Management Review Committee (MRC) who will have the ultimate approval authority for your project.

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