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This project will enhance your analytical skills and allow you to apply the concepts in this textbook to a real- world situation. You will select an organization about which you have some interest or knowledge, and about which you can acquire additional information. The goal of your report is to align the staffing system for a key position in this organization with the organization’s business strategy. You will analyze how effectively the target organization is staffing a key position, and make recommendations for improvement. Throughout this course, you will be asked to complete some of the end of chapter assignments for you to apply that chapter’s material to your chosen job.

Your final report should target the company’s executive management team. Your job is to persuade them that your recommendations will lead to a positive return on investment (ROI) for the firm and better enable it to execute its business strategy. Assume that the executive team does not have a working knowledge of staffing terminology. As a result, you need to write your report so that a layperson can easily understand what you are communicating.

Assignment 1

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Your task this week is to select a company with a job/position that you have access to. It can be a job you currently hold or have held in the past, or a job a family member or friend has. Ideally, you will need about 30 minutes of time from a person who currently works or who has worked in the job, and 30 minutes of his or her supervisor’s time. If you cannot get the supervisor to participate, using one or two current or previous jobholders is acceptable. Start by identifying at least two positions that you would like to use for the project and choose one to pursue.

You will also need to identify realistic long-term and short-term process and outcome goals for your chosen position. Table 1-2 in the text gives examples of both types of staffing goals, and Table 1-3 in the text gives you some questions to consider in setting appropriate staffing goals.


  1. Select a target company and a strategic position you will be working with for this course-long assignment.
  2. Conduct interviews with the person who holds the job and the person who is responsible for filling the position.
  3. Write 1-2 paragraphs about the company and the job you have selected. Provide enough detail for your reader to easily understand the business strategy and company culture. Also be sure to detail the position you are working with, defining the responsibilities of a person in that job.
  4. Using tables 1-2 and 1-3 from your textbook and details from your interviews, define realistic long-term and short-term process and outcome goals for the position. This can be a simple list of goals.
  5. Combine your work into one document for submission. This will become your course-long report. You will be building upon this work in future tasks.

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