Management and Leadership

Question 1

For this task students must choose a real life event or individual from the world of business in a managerial/leadership role. They must develop this case study into a formal business case. The case should touch on the role of management and leadership, types of managers, management and leadership theories, and ethics. We will use the case study structure to present findings:
Case Study Format
Make sure to follow this template when writing the case study as readers
have come to expect this format.
When writing your case study:
1. Explain the basic details of situation and outcome you are investigating first
2. Describe the context and background of the situation and the major stakeholders and their goals
3. Outline the major issues of the case as well as analyze how the concepts studied in the unit do or do not help us to understand the case.
4. Close with the benefits of studying the case you have chosen to better understand the concepts studied in the unit.

Question 2

Business today constantly look for ways to invest on more resources with the intention to satisfy the objectives of stakeholders. The ability to speed up in business decisions, understand their consequences, and predicting outcomes with more certainty is important now and future. In view of Industry 4.0 revolution in today’s industry, Internet of Things (IoT) is venturing into the industry and the change of traditional method to smart industry, adapting big data into the operations has helped the organization to make better decisions.Critically evaluate and discuss the challenges and opportunities of implementing big data which could have arisen in view of Industry 4.0 revolution. Explain the role of big data and analytics in helping the organization to meet the stakeholders need in time. In making the  conclusion, you are required to reflect on how big data will make huge changes in industry in few years’ time and how will you be using big data and analytics as a professional.

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