Male Presidents



1. Watch: All the President’s Men (1976)a. Rating: PG (sexual innuendos, profanity (moderate), alcohol, drugs, and smoking (mild), intense and frightening scenes (mild))

b. Link: (I recommend using captions; the dialogue can be difficult to hear at times)(startle warning at beginning of film)

2. Read: a. U.S. Const. art. I; U.S. Const. art. II (Impeachment)

b. William R. Elliot and William J. Schenk-Hamlin, Film, Politics and the Press: The Influence of ‘All the President’s Men,’ Journalism Quarterly 546 (1977)

.c. Beverly Gage, Deep Throat, Watergate, and the Bureaucratic Politics of the FBI, 24 History 157 (2012)

.d. Albert Broderick, The Politics of Impeachment, 60 American Bar Association Journal 554 (1974).

e. David Roos, How Many US Presidents have faced Impeachment?, HISTORY (2021), Day in History: July 27, House Begins Impeachment of Nixon, HISTORY (2009), Trump Russia Affair: Key Questions Answered, BBC (July 2019),

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