Major Depression

Synthesize relevant information, including research related to the diagnosis and treatment of the selected disorder.

Recognize the assumptions inherent in the current literature and identify any unstated or missing information.

Develop and justify various approaches to the stated problem, including nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatment.

Clearly articulate at least two approaches to the treatment of the condition.

Defend the choice of the treatment option. This must include a reflection on the availability of peer-reviewed information and your analysis of the credibility of that information.

Create a plan for follow-up and referral if needed.

**Grading Criteria**

Described the pathophysiology of the disease process in depth. Included a discussion of the implications of the age continuum for this disease.

Discussed the genomic issues inherent in the disease process, including what is known and what is not known.

Provided a review of the literature on the basics of the disease and its treatment.

Described your approach to collecting this needed information. Included what keywords you used in a literature search, which databases were utilized, and any electronic clinical tools.

Identified and utilized at least one published clinical guideline related to the disease process.

Described the approach to the treatment of the specific disease, including the various possible approaches.

Defended the final selection of the approach for the disease process.

Discussed follow-up treatment, along with any referrals.

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