Macroeconomic Event

This is part two of a three-part assignment. 

Keep the contemporary topic of “immigration” in mind from your 

first essay as you select schools of thought or particular theories to highlight. 

To complete this essay, please do the following: 

Select three schools of sociological thought or three individual theorists from the content of our course.

In three separate sections (keeping your topic in mind), introduce the three schools of thought or the three theorists, explaining their history and

the main topics or propositions. Do not just regurgitate what the source material says; rather, reframe the material in your own words. Be sure to cite in

-text citations in APA format. Each of your three theories or theorists must receive equal coverage (i.e., you cannot devote 1 page to one and a paragraph to another)Make sure that you provide a strong introduction and conclusion to your paper that links these theoretical choices to your contemporary issue. 

Your paper should be between 3-4 pages, not including a references list. You are expected to include appropriately cited in – text citations.

*Do not apply the theory to the topic.  Only talk about each theory.


Brief generic introduction to the topic

Introduction and discussion of Theory/School of Thought #3

The length is within the 3-4 page range

APA is correct –references are in place, direct quotes are used when appropriate, in-text citations are used, and a reference list is provided. 

The essay has a strong conclusion summarizing the main points of the paper.

Papers should be double-spaced, 12-pt font (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman ONLY), and have 1” margins. They should have been proof-read and spellchecked. Please indent the first line of each paragraph 5 spaces (or push the “tab” key on your computer). Please save all documents in doc, docx, or rtf formats.  Please write to the bottom of the page. Failure to format your paper correctly will result in the loss of points. Write your first and last name only in the top left-hand corner of your paper. You do not need a cover page or abstract, but you are expected to provide a references page when you cite source material, including the textbook. 



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