Low Cost Strategy

Question 1

Research a company listed on the stock exchange outside TCI. Your research should include the following tools:

  1. Swot Analysis
  2. Porter’s Diamond
  3. Firm’s Competitive Strategies
  4. Low Cost (cost-leadership) Strategy
  5. Differentiation strategy

And any other information that is needing to do a Company Analysis.

Choose any company listed on a stock exchange within the Caribbean mainly from:

  1. Barbados Stock Exchange
  2. Jamaica Stock Exchange or
  3. Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

Question 2


Lifestyle factors contribute towards a significant risk in the development of cancer.


Discuss the pathophysiologic changes triggered by lifestyle practices that increase the risk of cancer. You are expected to provide examples of malignancies associated with specific lifestyle practices, along with clinical manifestations, diagnostic criteria and basic treatment options to support your discussion.

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