Logical Sequence

Question 1


The Context
Ryan believes that it is time for his company to expand since it has been growing so rapidly. He knows that this is a major move for his organization and wants to ensure that the company is very successful at managing this change. Ryan wants to ensure that his company creates and follows a logical sequence of steps to ensure the objectives of the change are fully accomplished.
The Task
a) In introducing the change process, describe what must Ryan do to create the guiding coalition with his team. Explain why building teams is essential and critically evaluate any three characteristics of teams that Ryan may encounter?

b) Identify and critically discuss what resistance Ryan could face and recommend steps that he could take to ensure a smooth transition for the change? Apply a suitable model that would influence the change process.

c) External and internal forces have a significant influence on organizational change. Analyse what are the factors that Ryan would have to cope with?

d) Under what circumstances could the change process not be taking place.
would this occur and what factors have influenced the decision not to change? Why would this occur and what factors have influenced the decision not to change?

Question 2

The Performance of Young people with care experiences in Education. assess the impact of care experiences on educational attainment and life outcomes

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