Locke’s Idea of the State of Nature

Write a seven-page essay in which you consider Locke’s idea of the State of Nature.

Essay should provide insight, not only into the views Locke and others had, but also into the reasons they had for holding such views.  The essay must address and answer all of the following questions:

  1. First, describe why, according to Locke, all humans are free and equal in the State of Nature.
  2.  How does the Law of Nature limit the freedom that individuals have in the State of Nature, according to Locke?
  3.  How does this idea of Locke differ from what Thomas Hobbes believed about the limits to human freedom in the State of Nature?
  4.  Next, consider the differing views of Hobbes and Locke on property.
  5. Why does Hobbes believe that property cannot exist in the State of Nature?
  6. f How does Locke argue that the right to property is a natural right that does exist in the State of Nature?
  7.  In what ways do Hobbes and Locke agree about why humans are driven to leave the State of Nature?
  8.  In what ways do they disagree about whether the State of Nature is the worst state for humans to exist in?

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