Local Chamber

Question 1

You have been invited by the local Chamber of Commerce to lead a lunch hour roundtable discussion on retirement. The group is specifically interested in nontraditional approaches to retirement such as gradual retirement, job sharing, flexible work hours, and cross-training of older workers into different jobs. For this discussion:

  • Post a summary of your overall position on this topic and list some of the key points you want to make.
  • Support your ideas with citations from the readings for this unit and any outside readings as appropriate.

Please remember, this is a discussion, but it is a scholarly discussion. As such, your posts should reflect having read and applied the course material. Your discussion posts (initial and peer response posts) should contain in-text citations and reference lists, and follow APA style and format.


Read the postings and respond to at least two by taking the role of a participant in the roundtable discussion. Comment with your thoughts on one of the key points, either refuting the point or supporting it with additional information. Remember to be courteous and professional in your responses.

Question 2

What would you advise as the competitive response to Commerce Bank’s market entry?Briefly look at the financial statements for Commerce Bank and the industry (Exhibits 1-4). Do you see support, or cause for concern, of the bank’s strategy in the financial statements?answer those questions in essay style

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