Live Case Project

What is a live case project?

A live case involves a real-world company facing a current complex situation. Your task is to deduce the logical implications of course principles as they apply to this company’s dilemma.  This live case project requires your team to go beyond simply understanding the decision process and enables you, instead, to make actual decisions (recommendations) regarding the company.

What is our team expected to do?

Your team has been hired by (choose one of the organizations below)

Bloomin’ Brands

Home Shopping Network (HSN)


as consultants to help them apply a decision process that will result in a solid set of recommendations for resolving their complex problems. Your team should utilize the following consulting steps in your process:

  1. define the complex problems
  2. determine objectives
  3. generate creative alternatives
  4. analyze and evaluate alternatives
  5. propose recommendations

Note that the company may face several problems, which may be inter-related and quite complex. You will need to address the financial ramifications as well as the risks, consequences, and trade-offs of various alternatives and recommended solutions.

How do we get started?

  1. Establish communication with team members and decide how you will meet and communicate.
  2. As a team, come to consensus in the selection of a company from the list posted (you will need to some research to help with your choice)
  3. Complete the team charter, determining how you will break up the writing of the report sections and what role each of you will play in your consulting company and in compiling the final business report.
  4. Individually, work through the consulting steps. Note that the steps are sequential, so each step depends on completing the one before. For this reason, your team should communicate often.
  5. At each step of the consulting process, come together as a team after each of you has worked on the step individually. Come to some consensus on content.
  6. Compile the written business report.

What are the requirements for the final consultants’ report?

Length: Each team member contributes 800 words to the body of the paper.

In addition, an introduction and conclusion should be at least 300 words total. These counts do not include the executive summary or list of references.

Analyses: The final report should include substantial analyses to support team’s recommendations.

Sources: The vast majority of your input should come from other sources – all ideas and concepts gained from other sources must be cited and the source included in the list of references. All citations and references must strictly conform to APA formatting requirements.

Report Format: Your consultant team should produce a business report that includes an executive summary and follows an organized plan for presenting your analyses, recommendations and decision process. Report sections should include:

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Executive Summary

4. Introduction

5. The Situation

a. Background of the Problem

b. The Complex Problems

c. The Objectives

6. Creative Alternatives

7. Evaluation of Alternatives

a. Consequences

b. Risks

c. Add sub-points as appropriate for your project

8. Recommendations

9. References

As you can see on the uploaded document, numbers from 7 to 6 is done , I want 7 to 9 within 700 to 850 words

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