Literature Review Final Paper

You are to pick one of the five topic areas below. You are then to select a minimum of three papers in that topic and do a literature review. This means summarizing a group of papers in the field of environmental economics. Further, you must tie the papers together under some common theme. The literature review will identify the contribution each paper makes in the field. In some cases one or more papers may be an extension of another paper in the review; in other cases, two or more papers may offer a differing view. You may include papers not found in the list below, but you must use at least 3 papers listed below in the topic you chose.

Your paper must be in the following format:

  1. A well-developed introduction discussing, in a general way, why you are reviewing the papers you have chosen.
  2. The main body of the paper which summarizes the four papers.
  3. A good conclusion which reiterates the key contribution of each paper, how they may link together, what are their differences, and what can be taken away from your review of all four papers.

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