Linux Operating System

Q1: Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Provide an example of a decision support system and describe how it can be used in an organization and what specific benefits it can provide. (250 word)

Q2: Dashboards

Locate an example of a dashboard. Provide a couple of screenshots of it and describe in detail how it is used and towards what end. (250 word)

Q3: Mashup Technology Benefits

Identify two different benefits of mashup technology to the organization and provide real-world examples (from outside our textbook) of how companies have implemented it? (250 word)

Q4: In-House Expertise or Outsource?

Should a company use in-house expertise or outsource specific IT or e-commerce solutions? Under what circumstances should each approach be used? (250 word)

Separate each question with reference

  • In what situation would use the Linux operating system over Windows and vice versa? (100 word)
  • Compare and contrast iOS and Android mobile operating systems which one is better? (100 word)
  • Is the Mac OS more secure than Windows? Why or why not? (100 word)
  • What do you foresee about the future of operating system? (100 word)

Separate each question with reference

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