Legal Department

Question 1

Attend an open house. Ask the agent what they were trying to accomplish by holding the open house. Ask the agent how they promoted the open house. What did the agent give to people that came to an open house.

Tell why or why not the agent did a good job and why, What would you do to be more successful and why.

Question 2

Prepare a memorandum to Mr. Steady outlining potential legal risks presented to Big Box in connection with Mr. Eager’s proposal to sell firearms.Your memorandum should identify and provide at least a one-paragraph description of at least five (5) legal issues and one (1) ethical issue presented by Mr. Eager’s proposal.The legal risks identified may be from any area of law (public, private, regulatory, tort, contract, real estate, etc.) whether these areas have yet been covered in class or not.Your memorandum should conclude with a clear recommendation from the Legal Department as to whether Big Box should or should not proceed with Mr. Eager’s proposal.

You are also not required to apply the law of any particular state, merely general legal principles.

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