Legacy Devices

You should limit the scope of this project by selecting a set of devices and technologies which are most appropriate for data loss prevention for your business mission and future success. The cybersecurity team will compile a DLP technology strategy plan that supports IPv-6 and IoT (Internet of things) devices through incorporating the various devices and technologies such as

1. Block chain,

2. Tokenization, and

3. Big data analytics,

to ensure the organization can protect data throughout the company.

Your plan should include significant detail about these technologies, including what kinds of IoT devices will be appropriate for the company’s use. During your research, you should also see if there might be any issues for integration and implementation, which you will consider in greater detail in a later step in the project.

Integration issues are problems that can arise when you try to implement them into the infrastructure. These include incompatibility issues with existing software and databases, operating systems, network routers, or switches and communications protocols.

You will need to address legacy devices in the infrastructure that could cause problems with your implementation. Such devices may have older technologies and can stop working in the new environment or be unable to communicate with these new systems. You may also encounter some infrastructure issues to consider. Include such issues in your discussion.

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