Learning Practices

Question 1

Task: This assignment is all about inclusive learning practices. From socio and economic factors that affect a learners journey to understanding the governments frameworks and policies on inclusive learning. What is your role and responsibility in-regards to inclusive learning practice in your specialism and how do you create an inclusive learning environment for your learners?

Question 2


Watson views the ‘carative factors’ as a guide for the core of nursing. As she continued to evolve her theory, Watson introduced the concept of clinical caritas processes, which have now replaced her carative factors. Caritas originates from the Greek vocabulary, meaning to cherish and to give special loving attention (Watson, 2001).


Analyze the application of Watson clinical caritas in enhancing the quality of patient care and improving patient outcomes through the emphasis of meta-paradigm concepts in nursing.

[Grand Total: 50 marks]

Question 3

Write a report on the extent of corrosion in all the chemistry laboratories in the department. Refer to the origin of the corrosion and reasons why it started. Give an overview of the types of corrosion and how this can be prevented in chemical laboratories.  (30)

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