Learning Disabilities

Question 1

Special education is the practice of providing appropriate education to students with special educational needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. This process involves individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, and accessible settings.

Your assignment

  1. Select a child with special needs.
  2.  The child you select can be from one of the following categories:
  •  Visually impaired
  •  Hearing impaired
  •  Specific learning difficulties
  •  Learning disabilities
  •  Behavioral and emotional disorders

3. Conduct a case study on that child. Take anecdotal notes while you observe the child. Review all the data you have collected. Share what you have learned in an essay which also includes your anecdotal notes, evidence, reflections and a self-evaluation.

Question 2

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry (FMCG) i choose in assignment 1 is Coca-Cola Company.

Based on your selection of a company from Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry ( FMCG) in Assignment 1, prepare a report analysing the importance and elements needed in designing a questionnaire survey that will address the marketing problem faced by your selected company. Include in your report, recommended strategies to improve survey response rates and a brief plan for questionnaire distribution.

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