I want only 2 pages max, explaining what kind of leadership we can find for this group of men who experience IPV.  Such as therapist that can provide support for men and how they can help them or is there any leadership groups that can help men in IPV.

(This is a summary of my paper on what I am focusing)

Type of treatment group: Support and therapy group 

Whys is it important to address: It is reported 1 in 10 men experience IPV, however, cases may be under reported due to stigma or fear.  

Target population and purpose of group: The target population is men who experience intimate partner violence. The purpose of this support and therapy group is to provide needs of services, education, and support to men experiencing domestic violence. This support group will provide victims of domestic violence a safe and open space for men to connect and share their narratives and allow them to heal. This type of support group will provide support, validation, and resources from people who have been experiencing the same trauma.  

(Follow this steps)

4. Leadership
a. Who will lead the group
b. Single facilitator vs Co-facilitators, & rationale
c. Identify the roles of the facilitator(s)

  1. Leadership- for this paragraph include both single and co facilitators and then explain our reasoning before getting into a and b
    1. Co-Facilitator: Therapist and an advocate who has experienced Domestic Violence
    1. Therapist: Correct behavior and help develop coping skills- Therapist would spearhead the convo and set the goal but both will work hand and hand
      1. Advocate would provide support. 

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