Landscape and Environment

word count:250

You MUST follow the requirements of the assignment  (see below) if you want to maximize your chances of scoring well.  

Answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Using evidence from George Vancouver’s account
    AND from EITHER the account by Father Tomas de la Peña
     OR Father Juan Crespi
    , describe how early European explorers reacted to the Native Americans they met on their voyages to the Northwest coast.  How did white explorers and native people respond to each other?
  2. Using specific evidence from the documents, what do George Vancouver’s account 
     AND the accounts by EITHER Father Tomas de la Peña 
     OR Father Juan Crespi 
     tell us about Native American society and culture at the time of white explorers’ arrival in the Northwest?
  3. Using specific evidence from his account, what were George Vancouver’s
    reactions to the Northwest’s landscape and environment? What potential, or practical value, for Europeans did he think it possessed?  What places did he most like and dislike, and why?  

The following are the requirements for the assignment:

  • Your answer should be between half a page and one page in length, typed double space. 
  • You MUST use evidence from the reading as specified in the question and you MUST provide citations in the text of your homework to the evidence you are using to support your response to the question.    
  • Watch for incorrect grammar, spelling, etc.  The quality and clarity of your writing will play a role in the grade you earn on assignments.
  • Use PAST TENSE! (but don’t change quotes).
  • Don’t use your personal voice: E.g. avoid “I think” or “in my opinion.”
  • Quotes: 
  • – Use where paraphrasing weakens the idea.
  • – Not too long – keep to 2 lines or less.
  • – All quotes should have a transition or introduction – they can’t just be inserted in a paragraph as a standalone sentence.

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