Labour Standards

1. Most of the employees enjoy the statutory holidays because it gives them a free day. In which ways can an employee benefit from a statutory holiday? 2 marks

2. In the labour standards, what is unique (what rules are different) about June 24th, compared to the other holidays? 1 mark

3. Adam was working in a store for 11 months and got fired even before he could take any vacation. Briefly explain why he is still entitled to some compensation for his vacation and how it will be calculated. 3 marks

4. María is pregnant. Her expected due date is February 1st and her return to work is scheduled for December 1st. She has two questions: 3 marks

  •  What would happen if the department she worked at does not exist anymore when she returns on December 1st?
  •  If she has a miscarriage (if she loses the baby), can her employer demand that she comes back to work before December 1st?

5. How many days can an employee miss per year, without pay, to take care of a relative? 1 mark

6. How many days can an employee miss, without pay, if his/her spouse was murdered? 1 mark

7. How many days can an employee miss, with pay, if his/her son gets married on a day that this employee usually works? 1 mark

8. What is the current minimum wage in Québec, as of October 2017, for employees working in a clothing store like H&M? 1 mark

9. Is it acceptable for an employee working part-time in a company to receive a lower hourly wage than the other employees who do the same job in full-time positions? Briefly explain. 2 marks

10. If an employee of a bar earns generous tips that represent 10 times the minimum wage, does the employer still need to pay him/her the minimum wage? Your answer could be based on what section of the Act respecting labour standards2 marks

11. After working for 5 hours in a row, is an employee entitled to be paid during his lunch break? Comment. 2 marks

12. Under what circumstances would it be acceptable for an employee not to receive any extra money for overtime even if he/she worked more than 60 hours a week? 1 mark

13. A company is about to hire a 13-year-old boy. List two things that the employer needs to respect to be compliant. 2 marks

14. Julia has been working at a telecom company as a customer service representative for 6 years. Unfortunately, she might lose her job. 3 marks

  •  How many days in advance does she need to get a notice before she has to leave?
  •  Are there any exceptions to your previous answer?

15. When Lowe’s (an American company) acquired Rona, a hardware store from Québec, in 2015, what was the impact on Rona’s workers in regard with labour standards? Your answer could be based on what section of the Act respecting labour standards2 marks

16. What section and article of the Civil Code allows the employer to consider the contract of employment terminated if the employee passes away? 1 mark

Pay Equity

17. True or false? Pay Equity and Equal Pay are synonyms. Briefly explain. 2 marks

18. What factors are used to evaluate different jobs? 4 marks

19. Briefly explain why the Pay Equity program can benefit both men and women. 2 marks

20. How often does the employer need to audit the pay equity in the company? 1 mark

21. How often does the employer need to file a report on pay equity to the government? 1 mark

22. In a company that has more than 99 employees, who will be taking decisions in regard with the pay equity program? 1 mark

Occupational Health and Safety

23. How is the Income Replacement Indemnity adjusted to account for inflation? 1 mark

24. John did not survive a terrible accident he had while he was working. You need to calculate how much his wife will receive through two types of indemnities (as a monthly amount and as a lump sum). List 3 things you need to know to calculate both indemnities. 3 marks

25. Jane had a work-related injury that will prevent her from working for a few weeks. She thinks she will be able to receive the same paycheque as when she was working. Comment. 2 marks

26. If an employee thinks he is allowed to refuse working in some conditions because of health and safety reasons, but the employer disagrees, who will be responsible to decide which one is right? 1 mark

27. Nine months ago, Erik had a work-related injury. As a recent immigrant to Montreal, he had no idea he could receive indemnities and reimbursements from the CNESST. Explain why it is too late to submit a Worker’s Claim form. 1 mark

28. Erika lives in Montreal, but she had a work-related accident, last summer, when she was working for a small company in Ontario. Explain if she can be covered by the CNESST for this accident. 2 marks

29. How is the CNESST financed? (Where is the money taken to pay the beneficiaries?) 1 mark

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