Kinetic Energy

Question 1

Kinetic energy is the energy matter possesses due to its position.


b. False

Question 2

Temperature and heat are two forms of kinetic energy.



Question 3

Which illustrates an increase in potential energy?

a.A firecracker explodes

b.A person climbs a set of stairs

c.A wind-up toy winding down

d.An apple dropping from a tree

Question 4

Which of the following processes would have a change in potential energy as shown below?


a.melting chocolate

b.boiling water

c.burning gasoline

d.frying bacon

a.True or False? Fossil fuels are made of broken down dinosaurs and rocks

b.True or False? Combusting gasoline with oxidizers like NOS means no pollution

c.True or False? Burning fossil fuels causes the production of carbon monoxide because of incomplete combustion

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