KFC Roadmap

Create a technology roadmap. It should identify the innovative use, adoption, or generation of information technologies in KFC organisation. (Must be chronological). You can use any type of tools or shape or design. 

 In addition, explain the decisions in a paper: 

  • Briefly describe the aim for your roadmap, reflecting the current status of the company’s perception and treatment of innovative technologies.
  • Explain how the constructs deployed in your roadmap serve to illustrate the innovation aims of the company.
  • Briefly describe the company’s interest in acquiring a more dynamic capability in exploring and exploiting innovative technologies in the future.
  • Identify the key areas that your company needs to draw upon in order to strengthen or create its capacity to innovate with information technologies.
  • Explain the rationale of the chosen areas and analyse the proposed implementation. Your analysis should concentrate on the requisite actions to help the organisation reach its aims.

 Ensure that in the roadmap: 

  • All assumptions are explained 
  • The aims of your roadmap are sufficiently explained
  • The rationale and deployed constructs are fully described.
  • Be realism as it possible. 

 Note: Your technology roadmap must be graphically represented but you will need to save it as a PDF file format or embed it in the Word document.

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