Key Strategic Initiatives

Please follow the instructions of individual report to complete this assignment and choose a New Zealand logistics company to complete this assignment (individual report is in the file)

Using the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic tool, prepare a detailed business report on your chosen organisation picked from within the industry you previously analysed.

The business report should clearly identify key strategic initiatives (including international strategies) to generate / maintain / improve business performance for this single organisation. Clearly distinguish existing strategies and initiatives that the company has already implemented from new strategies and initiatives that you recommend. Justify your changes, using management and strategy theories (and supported by academic literature).

Develop a BSC for this organisation. Justify your measures using relevant theories (and supported by academic literature).

Use graphics appropriately.

This assessment must follow the academic integrity guidelines stated in the Business Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook or the Law Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook and use the required referencing style.

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