Justice Process

Question 1

Considering the crime control and due process models of our criminal justice system, do you feel it is possible to achieve a balance (both a reliable and efficient criminal justice process) at the same time? When considering your explanation, remember the differing goals that encompass both models. Explain your reasoning.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Question 2

What background information or knowledge do you already have about the Steven Avery/Teresa Halbach case? If the case is unfamiliar to you, do some quick web research to familiarize yourself with the case. Discuss the extent of what you know or have preliminarily learned about both Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach’s backgrounds and history. Be as thorough as possible. Identify whether your “knowledge” is from previous exposure to the case, or from recent research.

Then, in a separate paragraph, discuss the extent to which you think Steven Avery’s background and history could possibly have had an impact on the behaviors of the investigators in the Teresa Halbach murder case.

After reading the course materials on forensic victimology, and reviewing the videos and information covering the biographical, behavioral and historical information about Teresa Halbach, construct a victim profile of Teresa. Then, discuss which elements of Halbach’s victim profile you think are (or should be) most relevant to the investigation of this case. Provide strong evidence and argument to support your reasoning.

Please include references

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