Judicial Politics


Discussion Leader
You will lead discussion on three sets of assigned readings for the class. You cannot lead discussion on more than one reading per class period and set of readings. We will sign up for readings at the beginning of the semester. Each discussion leader will be responsible for providing an introductory lecture (10-15 minutes, no more than 30 words per slide) and leading weekly discussion for their assigned reading, during which you will be responsible for summarizing that reading for the class. Following all lectures, the discussion leaders will ask questions and engage the class in discussion about the reading. Your discussion should review the main ideas or points of the reading and outline any problems or weaknesses you see with it. You should also prepare a list of questions to pose to the class about the reading. In addition to giving you experience in providing a brief formal presentation, you will be responsible for initiating, facilitating, and moderating discussion for the class.

The key to leading discussion is to thoroughly know the material, develop discussion questions that spark conversation and others that delve into the heart of the material, and anticipate (or direct) the flow of discussion.

For each of your readings, you are required to prepare and bring handouts for the class summarizing or outlining the reading. This can be a slightly more detailed version of your PPT presentation – both will be posted on Bb for the class. Do not just read your PPT/outline to the class! Feel free to be creative with your time as discussion leader. If you want to engage the class with hypothetical exercises, short (<2min) YouTube videos, quizzes, websites, games, etc. that relate to the topic of your article, please do so. 

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