Journal Article


Read and review the following journal article from Martinez and Sher (2010): Methods of “fake ID” Obtainment and Use in Underage College Students. Address the following points: 

• Summarize the text. Identify the purpose of the research, what they discovered, and their analysis of their findings. 

• Provide your own analysis of the information provided. Do you agree or disagree with the researchers regarding their findings? 

• How does this information relate to the college environment? 

This essay has be no less than 3 pages in total length, double-spaced, and in 12 point Times New Roman font with no larger than 1” margins. Should compose this essay in an appropriate manner as any essay in a classroom setting.


Please write two pages addressing the following question:

– Why do the authors of the book find it necessary to state that this is “Strategic Quality Management” instead of just “Quality Management”?

– Use examples to help drive home your point and include thoughts from other student posts in your discussion

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