Is Eating Fish Healthy Assignment Sheet

Instructions: For the purposes of this exercise, pretend that you work for an agency charged with helping the poorest people of Madison. Many of these people deal with hunger daily and have inadequate and unbalanced diets. They have very little money available to purchase good healthy food. Based on the six readings available on Canvas, Jake’s lecture on Mercury in Fish, and any other resources you think may be relevant, answer the following two questions. Each answer should be no more than two double-spaced pages and should be written in clear non-technical language.

  1. Some of the people you work with are interested in fishing locally in and around Madison to catch fish to eat. But they have heard warnings about contaminants in fish and they ask you to explain the pros and cons of eating fish from Madison area waters (Lakes Mendota, Monona, Wingra, Upper Mud, and Waubesa, Yahara River, Willow Creek, Wingra Creek, Starkweather Creek, Nine Springs Creek). List the reasons why eating fish may be good for their diet and health but also the risks associated with eating fish because of contaminants in their flesh. Be specific and detailed; give the most important ways in which fish contribute to a balanced diet and the potential health benefits they may confer but also list the specific contaminants that pose a risk in Madison area waters and the potential health problems they may cause. (8 points):

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