Inventory Results

Researching Majors/Training Program using SII: 

Now that you have the Strong Interest Inventory results, this assignment is to help you use the information obtained from the Strong Interest test to begin narrow down academic and career pathways.  Part of determining your career path may include determining your academic training and developing an academic plan so you can learn the skills and knowledge to reach your goals.  In doing so, you are preparing and shaping your career decision.

Part I:  For the assignment, summarize your results from the Strong Interest Test and what learned from the Strong Inventory (1-page summary.)  Areas to include in your summary paper:

  1. What career and academic paths stood out for you and what areas you want to highlight and further pursue? 
  2. Are the results congruent with your interests or are the results completely off? (For example, compare pages 3, 4 and 5 for the Strong)
  3. Are there any surprises and suggestions you had not thought about? 
  4. Review the Basic Interest Scale – are the suggested areas accurate assessment of your interest or are you surprised by the list?  How do you suggest areas fit in your general self concept?
  5. Related to the occupational Scales, what occupations do you think are best fit for you based on the recommended list? 
  6. As for Personal Style Scales, how does it describe your preferences on the 5 different dimensions? 
  7. As for college majors, what is the test suggesting you should be exploring in college? 
  8. What activities should you be engaged in on campus?
  9. What other information is missing for you?

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