Inventory Amount

Question 1

Here is an operations planning case analysis. You are expected to do the following questions and submit them for marking at the end of the semester via utsonline and in hard copy to your tutor in week 10.

A company has the following demand forecast next year, expressed in six bimonthly periods:

Forecast Demand:

Period 1 = 4,500 units Period 4 = 6,500 units

Period 2 = 3,000 units Period 5 = 5,100 units

Period 3 = 4,800 units Period 6 = 5,500 units

The company begins the planning year with 500 units of inventory as safety stock and finish the year with the same inventory amount.

Question 2

Letter to the Board

  • The letter to the board should be the first page.
  • The letter should be on white 8 ½” x 11” paper.
  • Use a twelve-point font (Times New Roman, Helvetica, Tahoma, Universe, or comparable).
  • Do not use different fonts, italics, underscores, or bold print anywhere in the letter.
  • The letter should be in portrait style.
  • The letter should be short, no more than a few paragraphs, on one page.
  • The letter to the board should contain the answers to the question you were asked to address.
  • The letter should not contain details on methodology or use any statistical language (e.g. stable, control chart, Ishikawa diagram), tables, or charts.
  • Use direct language and active tense.

Check your letter for spelling and grammar

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