Introduction to Philosophy

For this essay, you have a choice of defending one of the following views about race or gender:

  1. Defend gender essentialism against Barnes’ objections to it.
  2. Defend gender internalism against Barnes’ objections to it, or gender essentialism.
  3. Defend gender externalism against Barnes’ objections to it.
  4. Defend Du Bois against Appiah.
  5. Defend race essentialism against Appiah.
  6. Defend Appiah against race essentialism.

Your essay should contain the following 5 sections, and they should be explicitly marked as such:

Section I: The Thesis. This section is a single declarative sentence which states your position in a way that is clear, precise, and succinct. Example: The legacy and benefits of DuBois’ work explain why Appiah’s eliminativism about race is misguided.

Section II: The Core Argument. This section supports your thesis by providing a clear exposition of the position/argument that you wish to defend. Make sure your exposition cites directly from the source—use direct quotation, and do not worry about making a reference. Your own reasoning for the conclusion, and your own thoughts on the issue, should not be included.

Section III: Possible Objections. An objection is essentially a perceived problem; when you consider an objection to an argument, you are describing a problem or weakness in the argument. Ideally, the objection(s) you consider will be a direct counter to the argument(s) laid out in Section II. The direct counter can take the form of a counterexample (see Kaplan video in the Resources section), a reason for doubting a key premise, etc. If using one of the philosophers in this segment, make sure your exposition cites directly from their writing.

Section IV: Rebuttal. In this section, you reply directly (and on behalf of whoever’s view you are defending) to the objection(s) raised in Section III, and explain why, in spite of the virtues or strengths of these objection(s), the position you are defending is superior.

A rebuttal is an objection to an objection; make sure that the rebuttal is directed to the objection(s) considered in III, and is not about some new subject or issue.

Section V: Conclusion. This section summarizes and reaffirms the position stated in Section I.

**Remember, that you feel something about the issue, or are committed to some view, is no reason for anyone else to believe your conclusion. Attempt to rationally convince your reader that s/he should adopt your position on the issue!**

Your essay should be 3-4 pages in standard formatting (double-spaced; 10-12 pt. font; 1-inch margins). Please submit .docx or .pdf file formats. Moodle screen reader cannot read .pages (Apple) documents.

NOTE: Your essay should contain your own thoughts and reasoning, in your own words. The essay should not require any research, but of course, you are free to do some. If you do wish to incorporate another writer’s words or ideas, you must fully document what you incorporate with a footnote, endnote, or parenthetical reference. In this case, full bibliographical details should also appear at the end of the paper. You may use either APA or MLA formatting. Any college-level writing manual will provide guidelines and examples of these. You can also check out

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