Introduction and Problem Statement

Assignment Prompt

The purpose of assignments Part 1 – Part 3 is to gradually guide the student in developing the signature assignment.

The idea is for the student to take a stepwise approach to completing the signature assignment.

The signature assignment will be broken up into three steps:

  • STEP 1 – Introduction and Overview of the Problem
  • STEP 2 – Project Purpose Statement, Background & Significance and PICOT Formatted Clinical Project Question
  • STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisal of the Literature. The three steps, when completed, will be combined in the final Signature Assignment formal paper in Week 8.

This week’s assignment is STEP 1 – Introduction and Problem Statement.

  • First, the student will select a clinical question from the Approved List of PICOt/Clinical Questions.
  • Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
  • Introduction – Provide an introduction to your topic or project. The introduction gives the reader an accurate, concrete understanding what the project will cover and what can be gained from implementation of this project.
  • Overview of the Problem – Provide a synopsis of the problem and some indication of why the problem is worth exploring or what contribution the proposed project is apt to make to practice.


Length: Cover page, (Introduction, Body, and conclusion 3 pages), Reference page.

Citations: 5 high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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