Introduction and Epilogue

Question 1

The assessment should be 1 full page, typed, double-spaced, which conforms to the formatting and content guidelines for the course.

Module 8 Prompt:

Lemon Swamp was co-authored, even though it concerns the life of only one of the authors. This fact is spoken to, directly, only in the Introduction and Epilogue – chapters that give insight into the process of editing the stories of a lifetime and constructing a narrative from them. These chapters are written in the voice of the granddaughter, a different first person voice than that of Mamie Fields, who narrates the rest of the memoir.

In the Epilogue, Karen Fields–Mamie’s granddaughter and co-author–discusses how they chose the ending for the memoir:

Karen Fields suggests, then, that at a certain point a person is formed, that all that they do from that point on is simply an extension of those “commitments long since fully tried.” To begin, let’s assume that we agree with this assessment. Using specific examples from the text, what would you say are the characteristics of the person, the Mamie Fields, that we see formed in the memoir? Then include a short – no more than four sentences – paragraph at the end of the paper commenting on Karen Field’s assertions, quoted above, in general; do you find what she has said about a life to be true?


Question 2

Renaissance Literature – (A) Which single Renaissance poem best captures the essence of the Renaissance and why? Please support your response with at least three (3) specific examples/reasons. (B) Which single Renaissance prose fictional literary work (novel or short story) is the most revolutionary in terms of its style, subject matter, etc. and why? Please support your response with at least three (3) specific examples/reasons.

Should be only 250-350 words.

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