Intervention and Change

  • Focus: the individual, community, intervention, and change.
  • Write from a school counselor pespe
  • Form at least TWO solutions focused on Linda’s action plan framed by restorative justice that contributes to well-being.
  • Solutions should have a strengths-based focus at the individual level, family, school system, local level, and societal level.
  • Recommendations should be made at each level with support and examples of recommendations for each level.
  • The case scenario

Linda is a six-year-old girl in First Grade. While she has been a jovial and happy child for the past three months, her teacher reported that she was having a hard time concentrating in class and is not as playful as before. Linda was born into a typical family. Her mother Joy is a house wife and her father Mike is working at a local hospital. Suddenly, quite after Linda’s first birthday, the supportive husband turned into a heavy drinker who barely had time for his family. He could no longer provide for the family, and with no job, Joy had to beg for support from his own husband literally.

Two years after ending their marriage with Joy, Mike moved on with another woman, Karen. After extensive negotiations and interviews with the district social service worker, Joy agreed to grant Mike and Karen the custody of Linda, on condition that she would be granted occasional visits, especially during school holidays. Linda was enrolled in the school six months ago after moving in with her father.

Back at home, Karen found Mike and Joy maintained constant communication and would call and visit each other regularly behind Karen’s back. Frustrated, Karen has over the past three months grown extremely cold towards Linda, who she blames for her marital problems. She feels that if it weren’t’ for Linda, Mike would stop seeing Joy behind her back. Out of frustrations, Joy now physically abuses Linda behind her father’s back, and no longer gives her the motherly love deserved for her age.

Due to the toxic environment that she is currently living in, Linda can barely concentrate in class. She appears sleepy most of the time and had on several occasions missed school after failing to catch the school bus on time. Her teacher is concerned that all is not well with Linda.

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