write in full paragraphs For this assignment, you will be writing about your own personal history with the internet. This is an opportunity to reflect on the role that the internet has played in your life and how you use the internet today. Try to dig deep and be specific. Yes, most of us use the internet all the time to do our work and communicate with others, but what can you see more specifically when you pay attention to your own history with the internet and its place in your day-to-day life? Some topics you might address include: – What parts of the internet or forms of online engagement mean the most to you? – Did the internet play an important part in your earlier life? – Do you express your identity or participate in communities online? – How do you feel about your own use of the internet? Are there things you wish you did differently? – Does the internet enter your day to day life in ways you might not expect? In order to help you write your reflective personal history, you will be keeping daily internet diaries between now and when the assignment is due. An internet diary is a running set of notes you keep for yourself (could be in a notebook, a Word doc, a note on your phone, etc) where you note how you used the internet that day. You can choose to submit your diary with your essay or keep it private. What activities did you engage in? Did anything notable happen? How did you feel about it? The patterns of your own internet use may surprise you!

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