Internet Interview

Question 1

There are required to answer the following questions. Answer this question could be about One full page per question.

Make sure to use APA style.

There are 4 questions.

Before do this you have to see the PPT and Video.

1.What is disintermediation? Explain by using examples.

2.What is infomediary? Explain by using examples.

3.How does the value of distribution channel functions change when they become Internet based?

4.Is it better to regulate the Internet industry via laws or let industry self-regulate? Support your claim by examples.

Question 2

“What is the differences between the influence nurses and doctors have in the health care sector?”

Length: 2-3 pages (minimum 2 full pages)

Format: The format of a submitted essay should include a cover page, 2-3 pages of text, a reference page (total there should be 4 pages minimum). You should follow APA format.

By following APA format, your essay should include:

oCover page: running head, title of the essay, name of the institution, your name.

oThroughout the text, there should be in-text citations (minimum 3 citations published within the last 10 years).

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