Internet And Virtual Worlds


Reading Questionnaire #2

“MOOs to MMOs: The Internet and Virtual Worlds,” Mia Consalvo (2013)

Please respond to the following prompts in full sentences. Each response should be around 150 words. When possible, make specific references to the original text and/or incorporate short, relevant quotes. There is no right answer to these prompts; they are designed to help you think about our readings.

1. Choose one of the virtual worlds that Consalvo mentions that you had not heard about before. Google it; learn a bit about it. What is it like and what do you find interesting about it?

2. What are some of the ways that virtual worlds have shifted over time? Think about the examples that Consalvo gives but also any more virtual worlds/MMOs you know.

3. Even despite the ways virtual worlds have grown and changed, what similarities do you see across their history? What shared issues come up across virtual worlds from different times?

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