International Operations


  • consider the company you work for or another company of interest to you. Make sure it is one that is involved in international operations or activities, at least in some way. Take some time to complete some research using credible and current resources from the Walden Library, the company’s website, or other sources to examine your selected company’s approaches to its R&D and knowledge-based activities. Specifically, examine the following questions:
    • Does it engage in knowledge-based outsourcing?
    • What has been its experience if it has?
    • What are reasons for keeping knowledge-based activities in-house if it has not?

3 paragraphs in APA format.


 Equity Based Compensation Programs seek to create a sense of ownership, a stake in the long-term value of the organization, or a tool to attract and retain critical talent.

Then, (1) identify a couple of benefits for organizations that might use equity compensation, and (2) select on of the listed types of awards you like best and explain why you like it. 

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