International Markets

Question 1

Questions for FedEx’s Successful Internationalization
1. Briefly discuss why FedEx been so successful in Asia?

2. Can competitors imitate FedEx’s approach in international markets and take market share away from the company? Critically evaluate?

3. Is the FedEx move to close its hub in the Philippines and build a new one in China a good decision for its Asian operations? Critically discuss.

4. Identify the application of the managerial functions of planning, organizing and controlling in FedEx activities? With reference to key literature, please explain.

Question 2

Q .1 Define population policies and its scope. Identify and elaborate three important economic grounds to justify interventions in the area of population dynamics.

Q.2 In a situation of relatively fixed population/ resources, does absolute change or rate of change in population more critical for economic development?

Q.3 Write in brief the evolution of major population conferences held since 1950s through 1980s and highlight the debates centering around these conferences and resolutions taken.

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