International Literature

Case Study:

Sean is a 28 year old man, who has been using a wide range of substances for the past 12 years. He started experimenting with inhalants when he was 16, his drug use continued to develop as at 17 years of age he started using alcohol and by 20 he was injecting Heroin. In the past Sean has used cocaine on and off in combination with heroin and currently he is combining his heroin use with alcohol and Benzodiazepines he sources on the street.

When he was 21 Sean was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and has been on medication to treat the symptoms since then, however, his chaotic lifestyle means that he sometimes forgets to take his medication for periods of time. At 28 Sean has many other injuries that one would associate with intravenous drug use, including a deep abscess on his leg, restricting mobility; vain damage to arms and legs as well as a number of cuts and bruises associated with falls and fights. Sean also displays symptoms of a developing mental health issues.

Sean has two children who live with his former partner, who was a heroin user but has completed a detoxification 18 months ago; she barred Sean from the house almost a year ago, for his inability to undertake treatment. Since then Sean has been homeless, he is sleeping rough and is begging or stealing to feed himself. He sometimes uses a Hostel but often he has not got the money or would prefer to spend it on a substance.

Sean is just one year out of prison and has a number of charges currently pending, including, robbery and possession with intent to supply.

Sean has in the past used low threshold services and drop-ins in his local area, as well as being linked in with a post- prison service, which he attended infrequently. He has arrived at your Agency looking for advice on treatment options.

Assignment Brief:

Considering the topics covered in the module, respond by discussing the case study under the following headings:

• Practitioner’s understanding of client’s presenting issues.

• Practitioner’s proposed responses, interventions and supports.

• Challenges and opportunities in client work.

• Recommendations for future practice with this client.

Utilise relevant national and international literature and policy in their response to this case study.

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