Intermolecular Bond

Question 1

What is the term for an attraction between two molecules with temporary dipoles?

A) dipole force

B) dispersion force

C) hydrogen bond

D) intermolecular bond

E) none of the above

Question 2

What is the term for the product of an acid-base reaction in addition to water?

A) buffer

B) electrolyte

C) nonelectrolyte

D) salt

E) none of the above

Question 3

Which of the following is a general property of a basic solution?

A) tastes bitter

B) feels slippery

C) turns litmus paper blue

D) neutralizes acids

E) all of the above

Question 4

 If a vinegar sample has a pH of 5, the solution is which of the following?

A) strongly acidic

B) weakly acidic

C) neutral

D) weakly basic

E) strongly basic

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