Interdisciplinary shared governance

  • Describe the concept of interdisciplinary shared governance and its impact on the financial well-being of a healthcare organization.
  • Discuss shared governance principles and relate how some or all of these principles have been developed within your own organization.
  • Include a discussion of the role of the nurse leader in facilitating a shared governance model.
  • Explain case management’s role in shared governance and its impact on cost containment.
  • Meet with the nursing leadership at your facility for a minimum of 4 hours. Interview your nursing leadership to gain additional insight on shared governance by asking the following questions: 
    1. What is the structure of shared governance in your organization?
    2. How has/can the shared governance model benefit(ted) the organization?
    3. How does shared governance empower nurse leaders?
    4. How has/can shared governance be facilitate(d) improved outcomes?
  • To better understand the structure of your organization, provide an organization chart as an appendix to your “Shared Governance” essay.

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