Integrative Crisis Communication Analysis

A crisis presents the ultimate communication test for managers and leaders. Careful coordination is required to assess the situation, prioritize critical issues, collect relevant information, and create an effective communication plan. Above all, open, consistent, and candid communication is key.

1. Identify a company that has or is currently experiencing a crisis.

2. Evaluate the crisis situation, including its ethical implication.

3. Judge the effectiveness of the organization’s communication approach (reactive, proactive, candid, and/or utilizing the media to deliver clear messages to their audiences)?

4. What values and actions are being communicated?

5. Develop a recommendation for what the organization could have done differently to better manage the situation and their reputation.

Organizations to Consider (Please refrain from using Toyota due to our Week 9 discussion):

• British Petroleum

• Carnival Cruise Line

• General Motors

• The National Football League

Research Resources:

• WSJ – use the link on the left-hand side menu bar of your course

• Yahoo Finance


• MarketWatch

Integrative Case Grading Criteria:

Please Note: The total paper length is 3 – 5 pages. 

1. Provide an overview of the organization’s crisis situation and the ethical implications. (15% weighting) 

Consider the organization’s mission, vision, values, and culture.

2. How well did the organization communicate during the crisis?  (35% weighting) 

Did the organization authentically acknowledge and own their contribution to the situation?

Did the leaders demonstrate candor?

Did they effectively use the media to deliver key messages?

Did they share good and bad news?

Did they exhibit consistent and believable communication?

Did they involve employees and customers in the communication effort?

Were their actions aligned with mission and values?

3. What recommendations would you make to improve the communication approach? (40% weighting)

Consider crisis communication techniques, communication best practices, and ethical responsibilities.

4. Writing clarity, logic, mechanics, and formatting. (10% weighting)

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