Integrated Analyses

Fare StructureNormal
Fare per Mile35 cents
Cabin/Food ServiceFree soft drinks, and pretzels or peanuts.

Do you agree with this decision. Should this decision be changed? Here is some other data about the airline to make your decision. You r decision should be at least 250+ words long:

Fares Decision
Fare per Mile35 Cents
Fare StructureNormal
Cabin/Food ServiceFree soft drinks, and pretzels or peanuts.
Marketing Decision
Promotion Budget$2,500
Advertising Budget$2,500
In-Flight MagazineNo
Current Salespersons0
Salespersons Hired0
Estimated Salesperson Cost$0
Cargo Marketing Budget$0
Compensation Decision
Quality & Training Budget$1,000
Compensation PolicyPay prevailing wages for regional airlines.
Fleet Decision
MaintenanceLevel 1: minimal cleaning and maintenance.
Fuel ContractAll fuel purchased on the spot market this quarter
AcquisitionsNo acquisitions have been made.
DisposalsNo aircraft disposals
Routes Decision
Aircraft# FltsSeatsFare Sale9A – 600 MilesBeechcraft 1900238Regular Fare10B – 400 MilesBeechcraft 1900357Regular Fare11C – 340 MilesBeechcraft 1900238Regular Fare12D – 360 MilesBeechcraft 1900357Regular Fare13E – 400 MilesBeechcraft 1900357Regular Fare
Corporate Decision
Social Performance Budget$0
Social Responsibility AreaNo Area Selected
Financing Decision
Stock Sold$0
Dividend Paid$0
Stock DividendNo
Short-Term Loan$0
Long-Term Loan$0
Purchase 3-month CD$0
Special Decision
IncidentPress Release or Not?
ChoiceNo option chosen

Then complete this discussion POST:



This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency:

  • Formulate business decisions for immediate actions based on integrated analyses.

Revisit the MBA6028 Course Alignment Map to review how all activities assist you in achieving the course competencies and overall program outcomes.


Discuss the process that your team used for making decisions in this first period. What do you expect the result to be? If you answer this discussion after the results are in, discuss how the results met or deviated from your expectations. For this discussion, answer the following questions at a high level:

  • What choices did you make in your first round?
  • How did the results reflect or not reflect your desired outcome of those choices, or how do you expect them to work out?
  • What did you learn in the process?

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