Infrastructure System


2 pages, single spaced, make sure your info and arguments are concise and cogent.

The transportation industry produces some of the largest quantities of emissions.

Describe what you think is the best, or will be the best, alternative to the internal combustion engine’s use of fossil fuels. You may simply reject the internal combustion engine outright or you may modify it in some way that greatly reduces or eliminates toxic emissions.

Your choice may and probably will, affect the current infrastructure system ie: roads, fueling stations, etc. Make sure you address how you will handle these issues and the economic impact of your choice (how are you going to pay for it?), even if you don’t know exact figures.


Part One

In your readings for this unit from Strengths Based Leadership, Rath and Conchie discuss why people follow others. They ask you to consider, “Which leader has had the most positive influence in your daily life” (Rath & Conchie, p. 80)? Begin this discussion by describing the leader who has had the most positive influence in your daily life. List a minimum of three words that describe what this individual has contributed to your life. Describe this individual’s contribution.

Part Two

While conducting their research, Rath and Conchie noticed a distinct pattern of recurring words that describe a follower’s four basic needs: trust, compassion, stability, and hope (Rath & Conchie, 2008).

Describe a time when you had the privilege of working with a leader who met your basic followership needs. What were your basic needs, if different from the ones identified by Rath and Conchie? What did the leader do to meet your basic needs? If your needs were not met, explain why. Describe what the leader could have done differently.

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