Information Technology Management

What is culture? Reflect upon how the following cultural factors have shaped your professional communication personally: race/ethnicity, nationality, age, physical ability, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and language. As you reflect upon those cultural factors, integrate your response to the article, “With the Wind at My Back.” Provide examples from your own experiences to clarify.

Read the following scenario:

Growing up and in college, Jonathan was not exposed to Hispanic, Chicano, or Latino people. In fact, he had no ideas what these terms meant. He had always been comfortable using the term Mexican with his Caucasian friends and family in West Virginia. There was no negative intention in their use of the term, and Jonathan never dreamed that another person would be offended by the word. During one of his first days son the job, Jonathan spent several hours with a trainer named Rosa from the Human Resources Department. As Jonathan and Rosa were in conversation, Jonathan said the following: “I’ve noticed that there are lots of Mexicans who work around here.” He continued: “But you don’t really look like a Mexican, Rosa. You have a very fair complexion.” Not surprisingly, Rosa was offended. In response to Jonathan’s comment, Rosa took the time to explain that some people who identify as Hispanic may not be Mexican or of Mexican descent. She went on to explain that in her case, her mother was of Irish descent and her father’s family came from El Salvador, so she was not Mexican. She also added that Hispanics are a diverse group and they do not have one look.

How should Rosa deal with this situation? Which approach(es) for dealing with ethical challenges (see page 47-48) would be the most appropriate for Rosa? Explain your answer, using examples to provide clarity.

What is organizational culture? Provide an example.

What advice would you give Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millenials for communicating clearly with each other? Integrate your readings into your answer.

How can diversity be an opportunity in your major and/or future profession? Provide an example to clarify your answer. Integrate your readings into your answer.

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