Information Technology Consultant

A special project is required as follows:
Consider that you are an information technology consultant. You have been hired to evaluate the vendor information system alternatives and select a new healthcare information system for a hospital, clinical department or other provider entity. You will prepare a consulting report that includes the following:
1) Situation Analysis. Describe the “real” or hypothetical work environment, provider objectives and current information systems configuration as well as any unmet needs or issues.
2) Functional Requirements. List or otherwise characterize the key functional requirements to be met by a new or upgraded health information system.
3) Evaluate Vendor Alternatives. Describe and evaluate two to four vendor alternatives. Indicate pros, cons and unresolved issues for each alternative.
4) Provisional Recommendation. Given the information available to you, what do you recommend as next steps? Options include upgrading the current system, negotiating with one or more vendors, acquiring more information, and evaluating other vendor alternatives. Be specific and indicate your rationales for each recommendation.
No less than seven pages narrative, including all four subsections indicated above;
* A table comparing features of the vendor alternatives
* A graphic representation depicting the workflow of one department in your fictional hospital.
*Analyze 2-4 vendors
o list the vendor names at the top and then the top 10-15 requirements down the left. The document is pre-populated. You do not need to include the examples in your report.
o You will weigh each vendor for the requirements. For example, the requirement is patient portal – ranking the vendors 1-5 with 5 being the highest
Epic 5
Cerner 4
McKesson 4
Allscripts 4
*Total up all the scores and use this as part of your selection criteria for your final recommendation.

*Include a workflow diagram from one department from your fictional hospital or ambulatory center. The document lists a few examples. You can create this in Powerpoint or Excel

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