Informal Assessments

Question 1
Describe the difference between diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments. How can these assessments support the language needs of ELL students? How are assessment results used for placement and accommodation of gifted ELLs and ELLs with special education needs?

Discuss the role of formal and informal assessments in ESL classrooms. How might feedback be incorporated into these assessments to provide a well-rounded approach to assessment and instruction for ELL students? What should feedback look like?

Above are two separate discussion questions.Each response has to be 250-300 words with an least one reference a piece.

Question 2

There are two separate questions below. Each question can have 1-2 reference. The questions does not have to be over 250-300 a piece. (Discussion questions.

  1. Choose one strategy from your required reading that you would utilize to teach vocabulary. Explain why this strategy would be effective for an English language learner. (The reading will be attached below.
  2. Provide at least one example of an effective SEI strategy utilized in one of the classrooms that you have observed. Why do you think this strategy worked? Were the teaching concepts in the lesson tied to the students’ backgrounds?

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