Infectious Disease

Question 1

Risk in environmental health is most related to:



c.hazards multiplied by vulnerability

d.hazards or vulnerability

Question 2

Hazard is anything that can cause any of the following EXCEPT:

a.injury or death to humans

b.probability of suffering

c.damage to personal or public property

d.deterioration or destruction of environmental components

Question 3

The ratio of weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters is the:

a.body mass index.

b.body height matrix.

c.morbidity rate.

d.none of the above

Question 4

The Centers for Disease Control employs many people who study epidemiology. These people might be interested in:

a.identifying new types of infectious disease

b.the prevention of infectious disease

c.the worldwide distribution of infectious disease

d.identifying, tracking the spread of, and preventing infectious disease

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