Industrial Sector

Assessment Guide for the Essay

1. Understanding of the topic(2 marks)

2. Evidence of the use of appropriate material (e.g. books, journal articles, etc.)(2 marks)

3. Application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the topic(3 marks)

4. Quality of Writing. (2 marks)

5. Organization of materials(2 marks)

6. References(1 mark)

7. Following the structure format given (1 mark)

8. Team work (2 marks)

Assessment Guide for Presentation:

1. Content and structure(2 marks)

2. Presentation skills(1 mark)

3. Preparation and Time management (1 mark)

4. Handling of questions(1 mark)

Students can choose from the followingSuggested topics:

1- Causes of Unemployment and its Effect on Oman Economy.

2- Role of the Central Bank.

3- Role of Commercial Banks in Oman Economy

4- The Components of Omani GDP.

5- The Important Sectors in Oman Economy.

6- The role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Economy.

7- The role of Industrial sector in the economy.

8- Sources of financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)in Oman.

9- Export and Import of Oman.

10- Investment Policy in Oman.

11- Infrastructure in Oman.

12- Current budget in Oman.

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